Music Production Assistant and Additional Production2023

Netflix Series

Music by Brian D’Oliveira

DIR. Masaki Nishiura and Hideo Nakata
The Days

Over the course of eight episodes, this multi-layered drama faithfully captures a disastrous incident from three different perspectives based on careful research. "What happened there on that day?" This story seeks to answer this question based on the true events of seven intense days from the perspectives of government, corporate organizations, and the people on site risking their lives.
This series is developed and produced by Jun Masumoto, who crafted massive hits such as the "Code Blue" series while also delivering powerful social drama series such as "Shiroi Kyoto" series and "Hadashi no Gen." The two directors of this series are Masaki Nishiura, who has worked alongside Masumoto for many years as the director of the "Code Blue" series, and Hideo Nakata of the "Ring" series.

Assisted award-winning composer Brian D’Oliveira in producing the haunting score to this historical drama. Composed additional music for Trailer and pilot episode.

Composer and Sound Artist