Montreal, Quebec

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Composer and sound artist from a small island on the west coast of Canada, currently based in Montreal (tiohti:áke, mooniyang)

Noah Sherrin is a composer and sound artist from a small island on the west coast of Canada, now based in Montréal (Tiohti:áke, Mooniyang). His work spans music and sound design for linear and interactive media, experimental music releases, site-specific sound installations, digital lutherie, and location recording projects.

His music (as Noah Rosa) is concerned with the environment, spirituality, complex feedback systems, and human relationships. Recent releases include Drawing a circle (Coffin Texts, 2022) and The radiant tower (Reset Networks, 2021).

Since 2020 he has worked with La Hacienda Creative as a composer, producer, and engineer as well as with LaHa’s virtual instrument creation sector, MNTRA as Lead Product Designer. In the summer of 2022 he led a location based sampling project for MNTRA in Hanoi, Vietnam, recording local artists and making field recordings. 

In spring of 2022 he participated in the Labratoire de Musique Contemporaine de Montréal, collaborating with a group of international artists to present a new audio/visual work, as well as presenting a panel on Cybernetic theory’s applications in music composition and performance.

Recent live performances include a durational drone installation at Miidspace in Montréal, and a site specific performance under an overpass in Bangkok, Thailand with Bangkok Street Noise

Composer and Sound Artist